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Manoir Saint-Sauveur offers participants who want to spend the night of February 9, 2019 at Saint-Sauveur the chance to book a room at a preferred rate.

To take advantage of the preferred rate, click on the following link : Preferred rate-Manoir Saint-Sauveur.

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Telephone: (450) 227-1811
Toll free: 1 800 361-0505

I want to register
10 hours ago
Anne-Marie Plutino
Let’s go mon amie! Sky nous ça pour toutes ces personnes souffrant d’un TCC
12 hours ago
Bryan Brown
Bonne chance Maxichou!!
12 hours ago
Yohann Lavoie
13 hours ago
Pierre-Olivier Fortier
14 hours ago
Rebecca Verdon

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