Mission and head injuries

The mission of the Fondation Martin-Matte:
The Fondation Martin-Matte helps offer a better quality of life to children and adults living with a head injury or physical disability.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI):
Traumatic brain injuries are caused by a severe blow to the head and skull, which destroys or creates dysfunction in the intracranial nervous system.

Some important stats regarding accidents and TBIs in Quebec:

  • 13,000 new head injury victims a year.
  • 10 people a day will not regain their independence.
  • Among adults, road accidents (45%) and falls (30%) are the two main causes of head injuries.
  • Among children, 30% of head injuries occur when they are engaged in sports or recreation.
  • The Laurentians is the region of Quebec where there are the most traumatic brain injuries.

The Foundation is very proud of all that it has accomplished since its creation in 2007.

Director: Pierre-Alexis Jasmin

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C’est trop pour moi!!!!
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Manon Ouellet
Bravo pour ton implication, pour cette importante cause! J'espère que vous ramasserai beaucoup de sous, il y a beaucoup de gens qui en ont besoin. Je suis fière de toi! xxx
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