Ross Gartley
Équipe : Alumilex
Amassé : 2,184 $
Objectif : 1,800 $
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Amassé : 2,184 $

Objectif : 1,800 $

Ross Gartley

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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I will take part in the third edition of Les Beaux 4 heures Fondation Martin-Matte which will be held on February 3, 2018.

This event is a great opportunity for me to support a cause that is close to my heart, that of people with a head injury or physical disability. The Fondation Martin-Matte helps offer children and adults with a head injury or physical disability a better quality of life. The profits from this event will be put toward new Martin-Matte Houses and to developing new respite programs that offer a well-deserved break to their caregivers.

Therefore, I am asking for your generosity to help me support this cause which is extremely important to me, by making a donation. Donors will receive a tax receipt for donations over $20.

On behalf of all those who will benefit from your generosity, thank you!
il y a 8 jours
500 $
DPS Capital Inc.
Go get 'em you beast.
il y a 9 jours
100 $
John Sedgwick
Good luck old man.
il y a 12 jours
200 $
The BIG 40 is a cause for celebration!
il y a 12 jours
100 $
Sebastien Robert
il y a 15 jours
40 $
Alexandrine Perras
Happy birthday Ross!

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