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Martin Matte

Seeing so many people, year after year, rally together to support the cause of people living with a head injury, deeply moves me. Les beaux 4h is a significant source of funding for the Fondation Martin-Matte. The funds raised are used to finance adapted housing resources, which is at the heart of our mission. It is through the collective and ongoing efforts of each and everyone of you, participants and trusted partners, that this event has become such a big success. You are making a real difference in the lives of these people. I therefore encourage you to move from January 10 to February 10, 2024 to continue this wonderful adventure with us.


Fabien Cloutier

Fabien Cloutier, auteur, conteur, metteur en scène et comédien

Before I played Martin’s brother in Les beaux malaises, fate made sure I learned about head injuries. It was a brutal introduction, as one of my loved ones suffered from one. I saw an entire family’s life take a turn, with many unknowns ahead.

Martin, a well-known comedian, is now first and foremost a friend. I know that his intentions are noble, so it was only natural for me to team up with him for this great cause. 


Emilie Bierre

Émilie Bierre, comédienne

It was without hesitation that I accepted the invitation to become an ambassador. This is particularly important for me given that my little sister was injured in October 2019. Following a fall on her head, I saw her life change overnight: loss of emotions, eye and vestibular after-effects, a break in her schooling, isolation, depression...

She is fortunate to be able to get back on her feet today and has been able to return to school after an 11-month break. Not everyone has this chance and I have been very much aware of this. The Foundation provides important support to many who are victims of a head injury, and thus making their lives easier. I find the cause noble and magnificent.


Louis Blouin

Louis Blouin, musicien

The year 2020 was for me (and probably for you too) a year of questioning. In light of all these events, I promised myself one thing: never to take anything for granted again. And it starts with health! I've been downhill skiing since I was a child, and people who have suffered head injuries... I know too many of them. So it's with great pleasure that I'm going to move and give this year for the cause. See you on the slopes?

Mélanie Boucher.jpg</

Mélanie Boucher, victime d'un TCC sévère

I was honored to be offered the chance to be a Beaux 4h ambassador. I am VERY happy about it. I am taking part in the Les beaux 4h Martin-Matte Foundation challenge to help people who, like me, have the right to a second chance. I suffered a serious accident in June 2019 and I worked excessively hard to get up. My entourage calls me "the miracle". I have to persevere and adapt daily to the new way of life that the brain injury forces me to have. A traumatic brain injury changes a life! I am counting on your great generosity to help me raise funds for people in my situation. Your help is invaluable.

Pierre Brassard

Pierre Brassard, animateur, acteur et humoriste

Being a great friend of Martin, I am very happy when I have the chance to support him in promoting his Foundation and the great things it has accomplished since its inception.  Not only did the Foundation set up the first adapted home for his brother, but it keeps up its work by opening new housing resources for other people living with a traumatic brain injury throughout Quebec.  I am therefore very proud to help in my own way by participating in the remote challenge of Les beaux 4h. Do the same and join us by participating in large numbers.

Nathalie Cavezzali

Nathalie Cavezzali, comédienne

love to ski. My son realized this from a young age: I had him on his first skis at 19 months. I usually spend my weekends on the slopes of the Laurentians, and the Fondation Martin-Matte is important to me, so it was only natural that I be an ambassador for the ski marathon to raise money to help people living with a head injury. In February, move with us! 

Ariel Charest

Ariel Charest, comédienne

I am very proud to be a new ambassador for Les beaux 4h! I've wanted to get actively involved in a cause for a while now and I'm happy to be able to do so through sport and physical activity. In addition to being a great reason to get back into skiing, I am inspired by the idea of being collectively mobilized for a specific goal, something concrete, that will have a direct impact on people living with a brain injury or a physical disability. The two challenges proposed also allow for greater flexibility for everyone, which is great!

Daniel Grenier

Daniel Grenier, humoriste et troubadour

I had the chance to do a show at the Maison Martin-Matte in Laval and to see how well the residents were in this environment. I was able to see how essential these houses are and how they meet a great need. I also had the chance to do shows with Martin and to observe the public's reaction to the announcement of the opening of a Maison Martin-Matte in Trois-Rivières! The Martin-Matte Homes are necessary and do a lot of good.

Alexandre Moranville-Ouellet.png

Alexandre Moranville-Ouellet, journaliste-animateur

It is both an honor and a pleasure for me to be able to practice my passion for alpine skiing while contributing to the influence of the Martin-Matte Foundation! I have been incredibly lucky to come out of the few concussions suffered during my sports activities without real consequences, but I know that others are not so lucky. It is with the latter in mind that we invite you to come and join us, whether on the slopes or at home, on February 11 to lend our support to the Foundation! Looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Patrice Robitaille

Patrice Robitaille, comédien

When the Fondation Martin-Matte asked me to be an ambassador for Les beaux 4h, I accepted right away. I met Christian, Martin’s brother, and his family on the set of Les beaux malaises, and I could see the impact of his accident on his life and the lives of his loved ones. It touched me, and I wanted to help Martin with the Foundation. In February, I will ski for Christian and to help all those living with a head injury. Join me! Put together a team or make a donation.

Ghislain Taschereau

Ghislain Taschereau, humoriste et critique

Photo: Mireille Gravel

In a world run by white collar criminals where profit is all that counts, people like Martin Matte and his foundation have to do the work of government: a government to which workers pay astronomical sums in taxes. Shame* on the government and long live the Fondation Martin-Matte!

* - No easy task, because you need morals to feel shame.