Respite and recreation programs

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Following an accident, it is not only the person who sustains a head injury that suffers, but everyone around them as well. Throughout the years, the Fondation Martin-Matte has become the key reference for assistance to those living with a head injury. In addition to the Martin-Matte Homes, the Fondation Martin-Matte finances, among other things, therapies, day camps and sports and art workshops specially adapted for people living with a head injury or a physical disability.

Respite programs, which are indispensable, give caregivers a well-deserved break, while the people they care for take part in activities designed for them. These programs break the social isolation that families suffer from, significantly improving their daily lives and helping increase the self-esteem of participants.



Greater Montreal

Association Québécoise des Traumatisées Crâniens (AQTC)

Association québécoise des traumatisés crâniens (AQTC)

“Traumatic brain injury does not affect a specific population, social class or group in particular, as no one is sheltered from an accident.”

The AQTC offers respite services to combat exhaustion among families and provide a setting for socialization and integration adapted to the needs of the person suffering from a head injury. The Foundation contributes annually to funding different activities to offer these families a well-deserved break.


Centre Philou

Centre Philou

“Making a difference in the lives of families with children with multiple disabilities.”

The Centre Philou helps families with severely disabled children under 12 by offering respite and early development services. The Foundation allows them to offer families more hours of respite.


L'Étoile de Pacho

L'Étoile de Pacho

The Foundation is proud to sponsor this organization that supports parents of severely disabled children. More than a hundred parents have been able to enjoy well-deserved moments of respite by participating in support groups, cooking activities or mornings for moms. These activities aim to break the isolation of these parents who are going through a great ordeal. 



Projet équestre Goldie


A child and their horse: a complicity that goes beyond words.”

Located in the Laurentians, the Projet équestre Goldie is a non-profit organization whose mission is to offer therapeutic horseback riding services to children with disabilities aged 3 to 18 years old. Each year, approximately 100 children come to the Projet équestre Goldie to improve their physical and mental health through their interaction with horses. Each visit to the Centre is a special time for these children who see it as a fun activity rather than therapy. The Foundation is therefore very proud to sponsor two horses to make these services accessible to as many families as possible. These services allow budding young riders to blossom and live a unique experience.



Association des traumatisés cranio-cérébraux de le Montérégie (ATCCM)

Association des traumatisés cranio-cérébraux de le Montérégie

The Foundation has allowed 13 TBI members to enjoy four respite camps in adapted locations. These stays represent moments of happiness for the participants who discover new places and learn to better cope with their injury. It is also an opportunity for parents and loved ones to enjoy a well-desreved break.



Laura Lémerveil

Laura Lémerveil

Dare, create, discover, surprise and innovate: these are words Laura Lémerveil uses every day.”

The organization’s mission is to support and guide families who have a child with multiple disabilities, age 4 to 25. The Foundation supports respite services that help the parents of young people with multiple disabilities achieve greater balance in their lives.


Mauricie - Centre-du-Québec

Fondation TCC 

Fondation TCC - Plateau de travail

“The Fondation TCC fosters dignity, respect, integrity and work ethic.”

This organization’s mission is to allow people with a head injury who are unable to work to find fulfilment through workshops that reflect their needs, in addition to offering respite for their loved ones. The Foundation is pleased to offer these workers regular schedules. 



Association Renaissance des personnes traumatisées crâniennes du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Association Renaissance des personnes traumatisées crâniennes du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

This organization’s main objective is to support people with a head injury and their families by creating a sense of belonging in the form of a mutual support network. Services and activities are based on the values of respect, independence and integrity. The Foundation is pleased to help offer respite to association members.