DETAILED AGENDA (subject to changes)                   

November 30, 2023                            Les beaux 4h launching activities with Martin Matte,                                                               

Until December 18, 2023                   Preferred Registration fees. 

December 20, 2023 midnight             Raccoon contest end date.

January 10, 2023                                Lauch of Les beaux 4h event with Martin Matte,

From January 10 to                          Remote Challenge
February 10, 2024                            

February 10, 2024                            On-Site Challenge – Grande Finale
2 pm to 4 pm                                     Welcoming participants at Sommet Saint-Sauveur,  
2 pm to 9 pm                                     Partner Village
3:45 pm                                             Outdoor shows at the foot of the slopes
4:30 pm                                             Welcome to participants
5 pm                                                  DEPARTURE of the activity
5 pm  to 8 pm                                    Downhill skiing and entertainment + DJ
8 pm h 00 to 8:45pm                         Dumas in free outdoor show
9 pm                                                  End of the ski marathon and after party

February 10, 2024, at 3 pm               End of the donation race for the Volet Saint-Sauveur and the Volet donation at home